Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jelly Wobbles

Well I made it to the pool again today (Dawn Fraser Pool) which is a Harbour Water pool here in Sydney. only just started going instead of running as it is too hot and I have been a bit poorly. The awesome and weird thing though was on my first visit I turned up to find the little kidders running around throwing Jellyfish inot each others faces. This freaked me out a bit as here in Oz there are numerous Jelly Fish that can either hurt or even kill you. But no not these ones. They are called locally "Jelly Wobbles" and they are small to big but don't sting. I then noticed that there were several in the pool but took the plunge anyway. WEIRD. Swimming along and you feel a fairly solid but soft things bruhing against you. I must have looked like I was drowning as I flinched and retracted my arms every time I touched one. 3 visits now and it still freaks me out. There are also many fish when you swim underwater and the lifeguard told me there was a Ray of some sort (not Steve Irwin deadly type apparently) which has made the pool home. Given the weather is due to be over 30 degrees for the next few days i am planning to head down after work for a cool down with my new jelly wobble buddies.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Hoy Hoy

Well I like this feature I found where I can type a blog then delete it before saving. Aaagghhh

Anyhoo thought I'd give this a go and subject the world to my ramblings.

First thing I have to report was dismantling a BBQ in my Pyjamas. (no this is not a metaphor). I then have the fun of taking it to the tip and taking the cat to the vets (I hope I do not get these two activities confused). I aim to balance this fun by having a swim in the Harbour and watching the Cricket.

So there it is my first post. Pyjamas, BBQ's Cats, Cricket and Sydney Harbour. How exciting :)